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This is an early pre-alpha test demo. We're comfortable with many things regarding mechanics, rules and tactical depth, but there's miles to go for visuals, audio, UI, metaprogression, narrative content, other game modes etc.


Build your collection to become the most illustrious Guildmaster. The strategies you employ, the moves that you counter and the flexibility with which you spindle checkmates is determined by the souls and artifacts that you can summon.

These come in the form of three types of cards: Heroes, Weapons & Glyphs, some belonging to a specific god’s cult.

In total, 98 base cards await to fill your first Retinue. For the purpose of this demo, all of them are unlocked and can be encountered randomly in Draft Mode.


With The Gods Are Fickle, we set out to marry the mechanical tightness and lack of RNG of the most succesful tactics game of all time - chess - with the inovations and fun brought by great modern turn-based games such as Banner Saga, Battle Brothers, Duelyst, Trials of Fire, Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering and all the other greats.

The success of player's decisions do not depend at all on randomness once the battle starts. In TGAF there are no dice rolls and no variability in damage.


You will be able to play Draft mode (PvP, inspired by Hearthstone’s Arena and other CCGs/deckbuilders), where you will be faced with 11 choices, each presenting 3 random cards from which only 1 can be picked.

You will assemble a team of 3 pieces out of the cards picked and fight another player.

If you have a hard time finding an opponent, consider joining our Discord, where other players reside (and new content is tested early).

Once we have AI opponents, a match should always be available.


We will need lots of help in making this the best game we can. It’s a big project with many moving parts, and it’s hard to figure everything out on your own, plus! indie gamedev is better fun with friends!

So, if you wish to be a part of this journey, you can join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/67t5W5zFsY

If you're interested to read what this pre-alpha test is building towards, you can read the Game Vision document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1To9QkqojZzZM1A27WaaEdEA_WvraKjY0ep65KMpBexA/edit?usp=sharing


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Version 0.2.2

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